School Policies

Below are all of the current school policies;


Admission Pathway to a Staffordshire Short Stay School

Allegations of abuse against staff (MHAT)

Bullying and Harassment Staff Policy (MHAT)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Chaselea Examinations Policy 2020-21

Chaselea PSHE Policy 2020-21

Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy

Close Personal Relationship at Work Policy (MHAT)

Code of Conduct – Gifts and Hospitality Policy (MHAT)

Code of Conduct – Employees (MHAT)

Complaints Policy

Complaints-Policy (MHAT)

COVID-19 Safeguarding Annex_Jan21

Data Protection Policy (MHAT)

Designated Teacher Policy

Discipline-Policy (MHAT)

Equality Policy (MHAT)

Exclusions Policy

Exclusion Policy (MHAT)

Finance Policy (MHAT)

First Aid Policy

Flexible Working Policy (MHAT)

Formal Meeting Procedure (MHAT)

Governors’ Allowances Policy

Grievance Policy18 (MHAT)

Health Safety and Welfare Policy

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closure Policy

Investigation-Procedure18 (MHAT)

Keeping children safe in education 2020 – Update January 2021 (DFE)

Lone Working Policy (MHAT)

Managing Attendance at Work Policy (MHAT)

Maternity Adoption Paternity Parental Leave Policy (MHAT)

NQT Policy

Performance Improvement Policy (MHAT)

PM for Support Staff (MHAT)

Premises Management Policy

Privacy Notice Chaselea October 2020

Probationary Periods Policy (MHAT)

Redundancy Policy (MHAT)

Relationships and Sex Education Policy (from September 2020)

Remote Learning Policy (MHAT)

Reporting Staff Absence (MHAT)

Safeguarding (inc Child Protection) Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy (MHAT)

SEND Policy

Social Media Policy (MHAT)

Staff Discipline Policy (MHAT)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Teacher Appraisal Policy (MHAT)

Time Off Policy (MHAT)

Thresholds of Communication to the Manor Hall Academy Trust

Uniform Policy

Volunteer Working in School Policy (MHAT)

Whistleblowing Policy (MHAT)